Investing in social housing

Fortnum Group offers financial solutions to Registered Care Providers responsible for housing Adults with Learning Disabilities.

Partnering with care providers

Fortnum Group supports Registered Care Providers by helping with equity release from existing social homes and/or supporting Registered Care Providers with their expansion plans. This is done through the acquisition of new properties, which are leased back to Social Landlords under long term leases.


‘We want independent, community-based living to become the norm for all Adults with Learning Disabilities, and for them to have options on where (and with whom) they live.

By providing housing financial and investment services to Care Providers, we are part of making this vision a reality.’

Community Living with Appropriate Support

“Among the 930,000 adults with a learning disability, 129,000(18 to 64) receive care support from Local Authority. (National Audit Office 2017)

“There is currently a shortfall in provision of supported housing. There is approximately 17,000 fewer supported housing units than needed, which is is likely to double to over 35,000 places by 2020/21” (National Housing Federation – Future of Supported Housing 2017)